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I drove past this place and I thank God I turned around and went back! What a delightful experience meeting and talking with Ron and Rhonda, his assistant. I live in NE Minneapolis, known for the Art-A-whirl art fair, voted as the best art fair in the country and one of the largest artist communities. Entering Hidden in the Rocks, Arts, stage of display is like walking into a mini Art-A-Whirl! Ron's realm of creativity will entice your senses, making you want to search out every nook and cranny, while his charm, hospitality and sense of humor will leave you with a sense of having met a new friend, if you're open to that. If he has time, don't be surprised if he offers you the .25 tour. Take it, it's worth it! Also, I am now a collector of his work.

- Ann Marie Cosgrove
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